Why Is Conservation So Important?

Imagine a world full of plants, animals, and beauty. Where no part of the world was cleared for our own benefits. This was once the earth before humans. Now imagine a world with only black smoke, no trees, no animals, just a giant city with towering buildings and dark roads. This will be the earth if we don’t start to conserve our environment before it is too late. Things are going on fast and we have to act fast quickly.

Plastic pollution: how can we get out of this mess?

The sheer volume of plastic pollution in the world today is massive. Plastic cannot degrade, and therefore, its toxicity continually wrecks havoc on oceans, animals, waterways, and people.  It is expected that by 2050, the seas will have more plastic than fish by weight.

Rana Plaza compensation still far away


Although five years have passed since the deadliest structural killing in history at Rana Plaza, providing adequate compensation for all the victims’ and affected families is still far away as the public interest litigation writ petition seeking court directives on the amount of compensation has not been heard by the court for last four years. 

Easter egg baskets: choose from our natural range

Easter is a time for indulgence and heedless hedonism, with everyone using the holiday as an excuse to consume too much chocolate! Want to try something different this year? Easter can be the perfect time to expose and educate your family about environmental values. Here are the top ways to do something a little extra special for Easter this year.