Easter egg baskets: choose from our natural range

Easter is a time for indulgence and heedless hedonism, with everyone using the holiday as an excuse to consume too much chocolate! Want to try something different this year? Easter can be the perfect time to expose and educate your family about environmental values. Here are the top ways to do something a little extra special for Easter this year. 


Organic and Fair trade

If you would like to treat yourself and your family to something truly special this year, try sourcing chocolate that is organic and fair-trade. Organic chocolate is a healthier alternative for you and for the planet, and because of its increase in popularity; this product is now widely available in an extensive range of different flavors.

Fair trade chocolate is essentially made from cocoa beans that are sourced from farmers whose workmanship is fairly rewarded. They are paid fair wages and don’t employ children workers, among other perks. Fair trade products are widely available, and they are becoming increasingly more common - they can even be found in big box stores and in offerings from major fair traders!



Artisanal and local

The best thing about purchasing artisanal and local Easter chocolates is that not only will they be made in small batches using quality ingredients (so they will most likely taste better) but you can also support small local businesses while treating yourself!

Sustainable baskets

To make something even more special this Easter, create a unique and custom basket for each member of your family. To make it sustainable, try handmade seagrass baskets. They are



stunning and useful and can be repurposed easily. The best part is - they are great to have around the house for plants, storage, or other purposes. If you want to take a break from chocolate, fill them up with fresh fruit, organic treats, and recycled items such as bags, toys, and clothes.

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