Our Artisans

Bozy works in collaboration with disadvantaged communities around Bangladesh. This support enables a better quality of life, and more promising future for our partners and their communities.

Every product is hand crafted and shaped with the passion and skill of the artisan who made it, providing you with a product with its own character and charm, just like you.  

Through this collaboration, we help provide our artisans with a means to a better quality of life. This gives them opportunity to use the skills they know, and make a difference from within their own community. 

Our Products

It is our fundamental goal to support ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable materials, processes and products that are of only the highest quality. The charm of our products originates from the vibrant landscape of Bangladesh where all our products are locally grown, and transformed into bags, baskets and lifestyle products.

Jute Products

Bangladesh is the world primary producer of jute. It is eco friendly, heavy duty and biodegradable. We work with Artisans located in suburban Dhaka to source Jute products. Our collaboration with Fair trade means a better quality of life for the entire community

Sea Grass

Sea grass is often found along banks and rivers, once dried and pressed seagrass is highly stain resistant and incredibly durable. Our relationship with these communities allows for our artisans to weave products at home or within their own villages. Artisans do not have to travel hours to a job location and are still able to look after children. 

Bag Makers

We support Jute Made Designer Bags in Kamrangir Chor, an area where most live below the poverty line. Our constant support of these projects brings hope for permanent work and a better quality of life for those living in this community.

Newspaper Products

All of our newspaper products are individually hand pressed from recycled newspapers. The recycled newspapers are purchased from families in suburban Dhaka offering a source of income.