How ethical is your fashion?



Over the past few years, the fashion industry has been rocked by new, exciting trends steering towards sustainability, fair trade, and environmental awareness. For instance, it is impossible not to notice the decline in popularity of products such as animal furs, which are increasingly being looked down upon by the modern tastemakers of the fashion industry.

In this day and age, consumers of casual fashion and haute couture alike seem increasingly concerned with making sure they purchase clothing items that are as ethical as possible. What about you? How ethical is your fashion?

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What you wear can make a substantial ethical impact on the fashion industry, because the choice of the consumer (aka, you) matter a lot. Just to give you an example, if more people decided to buy from a company that advocates fair deals for its employees, sources materials from respectable suppliers and avoid child labor, you can contribute to the growth of businesses that have a more profound respect for workers, quality materials, and the environment.

In other words, it is never “just” a new pair of jeans or a trendy tee: it is a choice, which gives you the power to influence the fashion industry for the better!