Changing Your Habits Might Change the World

At the current rates of how the world is developing and using its resources, this “standard” of a lifestyle is just not sustainable. Fortunately, a ton of movements is raising awareness of the matter and trying to convince people to change their ways and become more environmentally friendly. Globalization might have been the pushing power to reach this point, however, it will also be the turning point to spreading the ideas of how to “go green”.


Don’t understand us wrong, changing your lifestyle to a more sustainable and eco-friendly routine will not only benefit the planet with its rain forests and endangered species but also improve your health and overall standard of life.

What Could You Do?

1.      No expose to chemical & toxic Products

During everyone's lifetime, averagely we put a lot of different cosmetic, toxic and chemical products on our body and surroundings. Considering a lot of us use more than ten products on a daily basis you could imagine how this could add up. The majority of products are made from petrochemicals. plastic etc which are quite an unwise solution. Going with green products which are entirely made by plant-like ingredients could completely change the way you viewed everything.

2.      Mind the Food You Eat

Let's go a bit further from the topic. Take Germany as an example of economic prosperity through the last 80 years. How did it happen you might wonder? They invested a ton in the small and mid-sized businesses which are the backbone of their economy even to this day.


How is that any relevant to the food though? Forget about all of the health benefits you would receive by eating organic food, there are enough articles on the topic and studies showing how Omega-3 fatties are much easier to acquire through natural foods like milk. Buying all natural food would mean that you are supporting the local farmers and suppliers which would mean a great deal to your country’s economy as a whole.  Plus it has the added benefit of passively promoting organic agriculture.


3.      Choose Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

The clothing industry is one of the largest users of petrochemicals. Yeah, that is correct; your clothes are literally made of refined oil. On top of that, the industry utilized different types of pesticides, dyes and all kinds of methods to pollute the environment. Ethical fashion is the industry which supports organic growth of the resources needed to create clothes. A good example would be organic cotton crops. Not only is it the eco-friendly solution we need, but the clothes that come out of it are of much higher quality, easily washable even with cold water and don’t require harmful chemicals to take care of them.



It would take us about a decade to list all of the benefits you would receive by choosing the greener way as there are so many tips and information on the matter plus the industry is developing quite fast. It is up to you to make yourself aware of different topics and help make a difference!