Why we should use eco sustainable ethical life style products?

Because environment is being distorted in such a way that our future generation existence already in question. In response with this wake up call concerned people from different parts of the world are thinking of protecting our environment to ensure neat and safe world for future generation. The major solution to protect this environment is to prevent the use of products, material which causes serious detrimental effect on our environment.

       Handmade natural fibre jute-cotton bag 

       Handmade natural fibre jute-cotton bag 

There are so many threats that our environment are currently facing. We may all hear about the decay of the ozone layer in our atmosphere. This is thought to be the single most important reason for the global warming. We already start experiencing the impact of global warming in the earth. Because of rise in the temperature which causes uplift of sea level could put thousand of lives in many tiny islands are in jeopardy. Major portion of lands of country like Bangladesh, Maldives, Fiji, and Srilanka, Vanuatu will be under the sea because of this rising sea level. Thousands of people of those countries will be homeless and ultimately turn into natural refuges. Adverse effects of climate change are seen in Australia.

This country is experiencing worst drought in century in last two years. This drought caused reduction in production of essential commodity like wheat in great amount which push the prices of these commodities record high in world market. China, India, USA, Canada all major producer of essential commodities are facing same problem. Rising sea level not only put thousands of people homeless but also will cause extinction of many rare species from this world. Severe flooding, Untimely hurricane, soil erosion has become most common natural incidents in recent years.

Now if we look at the reasons why our environment is changing so rapidly we would find Mankind causes the most destruction of the environment. And this happens not only for just lack of awareness and knowledge among the people but also indecision among major powers regarding the environmental issue. Even USA, single most polluter of environment not signs the Kyoto protocol yet. But most horrifying thing is that we are running out of time to save this planet. So something needs to be done in urgent manner. As a conscious citizen we can contribute a lot to save our environment. By changing our daily habit a little bit we can reduce the pollution in a great extent.

For example our daily shopping bag. Most shoppers all over the world are primarily known with shopping bags made with plastic or polypropylene. But here are some materials that scientist have identified as most disastrous for our environment especially for earth soil. These materials include Plastic bags, canes, polypropylene products etc. Still some ague in favour of polypropylene but nobody claim that it is not entirely harmful to environment. Again some plastic materials are recycled to reduce the pollution but in a recent survey shows that only 5% of all plastic bags use in country like Australia are recycled. So by just using Eco-friendly bags instead of plastic or polypropylene bags we can put a step ahead to save our world.

Not only shopping bags if we start using Eco-friendly other products it wont be so difficult to bring back our green and safe climate in its previous state. Day by day more and more public opinions are forming in favour of using products which are not harmful to our environments. Governments and environmentalist groups are taking so many public awareness programs to encourage the people to use environment friendly products.



There are so many Eco sustainable life style products are introduced to reduce the harmful effect of environmentally hazardous products. It is usually regarded that products like Bags, shoes; fashion items made by different natural fibres are could be safe regarding our environment. There are 3 types of fibres are available by which Eco-friendly products can be produced. They are Natural plant fibres like cotton, jute, flax, hemp, bamboo, straw and paper.

Animal fibres like wool, hair, and silk. Man made fibres such as Nylon, Polyester. As most of the soil and water pollution are occurred due to use of plastic shopping bags in all over the world, jute made bags and other products bring a golden opportunity to replace those plastic products and therefore protect our environment. Jute is a soft vegetable fibre from the Cachous plant which can be spun into coarse strong thread.

Jute is a wonderful, sustainable, tough material. It’s totally biodegradable and durable. Its life span comparable to 1000 plastic bags. No toxic gases of harmful emissions are created in the production of jute bags. Jute plants consume CO2- the main cause of the greenhouse effect. The jute industry provides income for an estimated five million people in India and Bangladesh. Not only had shopping bags we can use other products like shoes, clothes made by Eco-friendly fibres.