Why Is Conservation So Important?

Exit from Pollution

Imagine a world full of plants, animals, and beauty. Where no part of the world was cleared for our own benefits. This was once the earth before humans. Now imagine a world with only black smoke, no trees, no animals, just a giant city with towering buildings and dark roads. This will be the earth if we don’t start to conserve our environment before it is too late. Things are going on fast and we have to act fast quickly.

Illegal trade is one of the threats to endangered species. The poachers hunt and kill animals and sell them. Some evidence shows that some lipsticks contain whale fat!


Use fewer things like paper; food etc … some food that you love could have a huge effect on the earth. For example Nutella. So creamy, so chocolaty and so dangerous. Dangerous? You may ask. Yes, dangerous. Just to make one jar of this beloved spread they use large quantities of palm oil which results in clearing vital rainforests. So this is why we do not waste food.

Thirdly we have to stop invasive species. They invade other essential species. So look, our world will cease to exist if we don’t stop our pollution and bringing different animals to our land. Never bring a natural souvenir from your holiday. It might have a small insect on it that could be an invasive species.


Lastly pollution is the most notorious harmful act on earth done by humans. Littering, smoking, and dumping are all forms of pollution. Think, some careless person dropped a single plastic chip into the ocean. A fish comes and eats it. Then we fish the fish then eat it. We get intoxicated. So pollution doesn’t just harm animals but harms us as well. Air pollution is quite fatal. When smoke gets into the air we breathe it in. So you can see how pollution is fatal.

Deforestation, one thing we do to help our lives and harm them. We cut down trees for the need of paper and we harm our lives by limiting the oxygen in the air. We are not just harming us but all the animals that live in trees from birds to bats, from squirrels to chipmunks they all live and rely on trees. Spare these little lives, please.

In conclusion, we have to conserve our environment because of the following reasons, illegal trade, invasive species and the need to use less. Now come on Australia! Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

Writer: Siyarah Chowdhury (10 yrs), Eastlakes Public School, Sydney, Australia.