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'Looking at your website, I have no doubt that Banglaozy generates a lot of interest among the ethical fashion lovers. The products look wonderful and being sustainably and ethically sourced means shoppers can feel good about their purchase but also to know that a percentage of profits go back to the artisans and the community that they came from' ... Kimberly. Randwick. NSW
We Are currently Upgrading the site and some link might not work. Pls email info@bozy.com.au or call 0423036684 for any query or catalog, Sorry for any inconvenience.

Eco sustainable life style product means less or none environmental side effects of the materials it made of, in the production process or in the life cycle of the product itself and also ensures the ‘Economic sustainability’ of the actual makers of the products. We believe that ‘‘Ecological sustainability’involves the positive and healthy relationships between living things and the environment for now and in the future (Wikipedia 2004)’.Our products range from your carry bags to your bedroom to give you a healthy alternative in every single way possible. Great gift ideas for everyone in every occasion. We use natural fibres like jute, cotton, jute-cotton to make our bags and espadrilles. Also available cane, bamboo, hogla and palm leaf made home décor, hand loomed and vegetable dyed fabrics, hand crafted bedroom range etc.Free quote:Wholesale and Custom made available for any of our products. Excellent image and big savings on promotional items for your organisations. Special discounted price for non-profit organisations and charities. Just ask us what we can do for you. Read more…Meet our people who have made their living in this industry since their birth.
Our products are ethically sourced from disadvantaged communities run by experienced artisans and craftsman. With the help of few Fair Trade organisations, cottage industries and communities we always make sure our customers get the best quality and service. A portion of your purchase goes to those communities and from your contribution they get a hope for a better living. Read more…

Our          Upcoming               Event               and                Stall:

Visit us on stall no AF6 at Melbourne Showground, 1-5 August 2015. 


Everyone welcome:-)

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‘Every single step you take to reduce pollution helps: so your small contribution to help save the planet can make a huge difference in the long run. You are doing something great not only for yourself but also for the community, society and the generation to come.’


Join us at the  stall no AF6 at Melbourne Showground, 1-5 August 2015. 

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